Yost: “If Vinicius hears me, Campus’ tweet is unfortunate”

Barcelona’s vice-president for sport assured that it would not be repeated by the deputy spokesperson or any other manager.



Vice President of Sports Rafa Yost He came out yesterday in response to a tweet that the director Mikkel Camps, deputy spokesman for the Barcelona Board of Directors, wrote against Vinicius For his athletic performance against Braga. “If Vinicius listens to me, this is an unfortunate tweet that my teammate or other manager will not repeat,” he said on Movistar Plus.

In the week of the Clásico between Barcelona and Real Madrid on Saturday, Vinicius’ position in the Champions League match won by the Whites in Braga (1-2) sparked controversy. After ten bicycles with the stationary piece in front of the home defender Sardar Satji Without even trying to bargain over it Zalazar He kept the ball away when the madridistas wanted to keep it out. Mikkel Camps He allowed himself to go on his Twitter account. Coach Vinicius criticized: “It’s not racism, he deserves to be slapped for clowning and hesitation, what do these unnecessary and meaningless bikes represent in midfield?”

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