Sainz surprised with the opening frame performance in Mexico: “It was strange”

Carlos Sainz He was already showing his doubts about the tires after he was 2nd in the qualifiers. Something strange was going on with rubber bands. It was very difficult to decipher. “It’s a very strange situation this weekend with tyres and spins off the pit point. We don’t fully understand that.”Carlos said after finishing second in the standings. After Sunday’s race, the Spaniard was again surprised by the tyres’ performance on his first round of the race, with an average composite that did not work as it should.

“The second half for me was clearly better than the first, in terms of speed. On the first lap, I had a very strange medium tire, which already from the first lap had a little “graininess”, and I suffered a lot with the front tire. It’s something to analyze and see, because it was really weird. And then, on the steel frame, once I put it on I felt better and I was already at a good pace.”Sainz said on “DAZN F1”.


Carlos Sainz managed to block Mercedes Russell in Mexico

Jared C. Tilton / Getty

The Spaniard was happy with 4th place, which he considers with 3 Charles Leclerc the maximum that the ‘Russo’ team can catch from Mexico in an event in which there were two starts. Carlos could not fight for the podium with Hamilton, at great pace, but he was able to stop Mercedes Russell in the second part of the tour.


Carlos Sainz finished fourth in the F1 Mexican Grand Prix

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“They were two very messy starts. With touches, with a lot of things that happened. We managed to save both of them and then nothing, the race was very boring on my part. I couldn’t push throughout the race due to the temperatures, and I had to lift a lot on straight lines. I think third and fourth place were the most we could do at Ferrari and we brought him home. Good points for the tournament and let’s go to Brazil”, said the Spaniard, revealing that he has some problems that prevented him from pressing straight lines, related to the cooling of the car, one of the biggest complications in Mexico due to low air density.

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