Second Life by Laya Alexandri

The what Montesy Tommy He wants to put his mark on this team and looks at it in personal bets on players invited to play an important role. Among them, the most important of which are Laya Alexandri. The Catalan Manchester City defender missed the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand when she was not called up by Jorge Velda, but continued to work in search of a new opportunity that has now come with the new coach in those two Nations League call-ups against Sweden, Switzerland and Italy.

“I don’t know if it’s a second chance, what I do know is that I worked day after day, as always, knowing that playing with the national team is the maximum player. I’m not going to stop fighting for it.” Mundo Deportivo In the mixed zone after the match in Salerno against Italy (0-1). The former Atletico Madrid player and Barcelona Academy graduate returned to the starting line-up, where he participated as a centre-back with Laya Kodina It is more than a ladder.

“I’m very excited, with the idea of absorbing the things he asks of us Montes And pick them up in the field. We are trying and what is the best way to show that from the three victories we have won in the Nations League.” “I’m trying to do my best. I enjoy this moment when Montsi gives me opportunities and I will make the most of them”.

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The defense praised the great dynamism of the team: “Wins are victories. We had to win in the last minutes, but we are very happy for her and for the team, for beating Italy at home,” she told Spanish media at the Archichi Stadium in Salerno.

On a goal jenny Hermoso, “It’s positive for both Jenny and the team to see her enjoying herself on the pitch again. to give us that goal and that the whole team feels happy”.

The federation said it expected Italy to be that fighting power. “We expected Italy to be in a tough game in three quarters of the pitch. We started very well but they stopped the game and it was difficult for us.”

“The national team is at a high level at European level. When you come you realize that it is the most of the most. I try to do my best, I feel comfortable.”

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