House Deputy Chairman Receives Australian Delegation


JAKARTA — House of Representatives Deputy Chairman Fadli Zon received a delegation, comprising the representatives of the Australian government and NGOs, at the Parliament building here, Tuesday, to discuss issues concerning the agriculture sector of both countries.
“Representing the government, industry, and NGOs, the Australian delegation is on a visit to discuss a variety of sectors, particularly agriculture,” Zon remarked after receiving the delegation.
Zon noted that during the discussion, the Australian delegation had inquired about the agricultural conditions in Indonesia, which in principle bore similarities to those in Australia.
“There are several similarities in the farming sector of Indonesia and Australia. In terms of age, the farmers in Australia are generally 56 years old, while in Indonesia, their age ranges between 50 and 52 years. In addition, the farmers in both countries face the same problem of climate change,” he pointed out.
Zon affirmed that the presence of the Australian delegation aimed at strengthening bilateral relations in the agriculture sector and at seeking joint solutions to the problems being faced by farmers in the two countries.



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