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Malba (Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3415).
Kirchner Cultural Center (Sarmiento 151).
Recoleta Cultural Center (Junín 1930).
Haruldo Conte Cultural Center for Memory (Av. del Libertador 8151).
Museum of Cinema (Agustín R. Cavarina 51).
Even the Trails (Maza 177).
PUTICLÚ (Marcelo T. de Alfier 980).
Uttara Historical and Cultural Center (Estomba 851)

Opening Film

Tencha Reina, Argentina, 2023, directed by Maruja Bustamante. World premiere.

Argentine Feature Film Competition

Amplified, Argentina, 2023, directed by Sonia Bertotti and Veronica Faccini. World premiere.
Arturo in 30, Argentina, 2023, directed by Martin Shanly
With the power of the river, Argentina, 2022, Audiovisual Feminist Collective
Via Dreamers, Argentina, 2023, directed by Soledad Velasco
Give it all you have, Argentina, 2023, directed by Germán Tano Nieto. World premiere.
Scissor edge, Argentina, 2023, directed by David Martial Valverde
Propeller, Argentina, 2023, directed by Renzo Coza
Pamela, Argentina, 2022, directed by Marina Carrasco and Daniel Moshiot
Super Powerful Girls, Argentina, 2023, directed by Leonora Kievsky

Argentine Short Film Competition

Acmé, Argentina, 2023, directed by Agustín Montangi
Boxes, Argentina, 2023, directed by Wall & Yero
Continental, Beach, Argentina, 2023, directed by Mariana Pumbaa
Body of God, Argentina/Mexico, 2022, directed by Patricio Plaza
Anchor, Argentina, 2022, directed by Giulia Antonelli Rogaelski
The show must continue, Argentina, 2022, directed by Santiago Hurtado Toledo
Type: Punk, Argentina, 2023, directed by P4uxxx, Gabi Bella and Silvina Suárez
My heart beat, Argentina, 2023, directed by Lucia López Vespa
michele, Argentina, 2023, directed by Michel Nu
No one falls in love in theater, Argentina, 2023, directed by Farenia Pérosín
Daffodil, Argentina, 2023, directed by Alejo Duclos
Transa and fronteira, ensaio sobre imágenes sidosas, Argentina/Brazil, 2023, directed by Nico Luna
Literal Death – Chapter One, Argentina, 2023, directed by Gaba Kakuta and Francisco González Chulaki
Women’s dress, Argentina, 2023, directed by Dalila Real
Return to Lobos, Argentina, 2023, directed by Bill Gatti and Julia Lucisol

Latin American Short Film Competition

Daughter of the Devil, Ecuador/Panama, 2023, directed by Elvira Durango
Off, Chile, 2023, directed by Anto Reyes Arevalo
The Journey, Brazil, 2022 directed by Mateus Rosa
The cracks are coming., Colombia/Netherlands, 2022, directed by Daniel Mateo Vallejo
tongue, Brazil, 2021, directed by Pichino Fringe and Hyperlink

Argentine Ongoing Film Competition

In the heart of my worldby Nicholas Tite
He was a Gabriela Zambede
Gabriela Mancilla. A political maternity storyby Victoria Lagos
Zolema’s friendby Juana Mori
People on the roadby Lukas Kozyarski
Fire Womanby Ignacio Asqua
Lola, my lifeby Diego Leon
Night Museumby Fermin Eloy Acosta
We love each other so muchby Maxine Swan
Sweetyby Maria José Olivares Espinosa

The skin section I live in

Feature films

AKOE/AMFI: A Story of a Revolution, Greece, 2023, directed by Youssef Vardakis
Outburst, Spain, 1980, directed by Ivan Zuluita
Kalima Rosa, Spain, 2023, directed by Ismail Cabrera
Bed in the community (swaying potatoes), Italy, 1979, directed by Steno
The Tara, Argentina and Spain, 2022, directed by Amparo Aguilar
Calls from Moscow, Cuba/Germany, 2023, directed by Luis Alejandro Yerro
Marta Musical, Danny Ombe’s play, Argentina, 2023, directed by Diego León
This isn’t the first time we’ve fought for our love.Brazil, Argentina and the United States, 2022, directed by Luis Carlos de Alencar
PolyesterStates United, 1980, directed by John Waters
I love you madly, Spain, 2023, directed by Alejandro Marín
All Flowersand Colombia and Puerto Rico, 2023, directed by Carmen Oquindo Villar
Unarchived, Canada, 2022, directed by Hayley Gray and Elad Zadok
And they good, the spirit of two souls, Panama, 2022. Directed by Fernando Muñoz and Rafael Salazar

Short films

The Magnificent World of Lepidoptera, Argentina, 1994, directed by Alberto Bassolini
Stock Exchange, Argentina, 2023, directed by Marco Berger
Replica, Argentina, 2023, directed by Martin Sechetti
Running fuss, Argentina, 2023, directed by Fernando Portabells
He is the devil, Argentina, 2023, directed by Martin Sechetti
Cold pot, Argentina, 2023, directed by Enzo Monzon
Musical performance, Argentina, 2023, directed by Rogelio Navarro
Be another:, Argentina, 2021, directed by Rocio Vishnevsky
Video garbage, Argentina, 2023, directed by Nicolás Álvarez and Joaquín Ostrovsky

LGBTIQ+ section in Spain

Arnas, Spain, 2022, directed by Raúl Barreras
Ashupanibal, the story of a meeting, Spain, 2022, directed by Francisco Frias Fernández, Juan Martin Gómez
Cement & Steel, Spain, 2022, directed by Oryol Villar
Cova, Spain, 2021, directed by Diego Serra.
Standard deviation, Spain, 2022, directed by Paco Ruiz
Eritz, Spain, 2022, directed by Maider Olega


Christina Cole

In the bathroom, Argentina, 2002
I don’t paint., Argentina, 2003
person, Argentina, 2006
Greetings to Juana Azurdoi, Argentina, 2009
Napoleon at Fontainebleau, Argentina, 2010
Errors, Argentina, 2011
I, Velázquez, Argentina, 2014
Son, Argentina, 2014
A boy like me, Argentina, 2015
Carolaviros, Argentina, 2020
Moustache, Argentina, 2021
Titanic, Argentina, 2021

Theo Jean Kothand

Neurotransmission, 2021, Canada
13 eggs, 2022, Canada
Medication Package, 2020, Canada
Fetishes are less lethal, 2019
Extraction, 2019, Canada
reclamation, 2018, Canada

Yair Kedar

Gay DaysIsrael, 2009
babyIsrael, 2017

Pioneers of Queer

The wonderful world of Lepidoptera, Argentina, 1994, directed by Alberto Pasolini
Remote Banquet, Argentina, 1994, directed by Federico Clem and Carlos Espartaco


Argentine and Latin American Short Film Competition: Cristina Cole, Peter Bank, Maura Sánchez Villamonte

Argentine long length competition: Adri Lechuk, Flavio Lira and Sabino Gazzaniga

Ongoing Film Competition: Mariana Pumbaa, Mariana Loconi and Sofia Palomino

Argentine Association for the Management of Performing Actors (SAGAI): María Canali, Juan Tupac and María Marol

Special activities

Saturday 28, 10 p.m. Performances + Live Music
Another historic cultural center (Estomba 851)
Uruguayan amigovio – former conductor of Carmen Sandiego’s band – descends in Buenos Aires to continue reviewing his individual project. Accompanied by his grieving electric band, he presents his songbook about heartbreak, poison and shine. Summer counter hits to dance alone.

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