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News: Rodrigo Moreno’s ‘The Delinquents’ won Best Film at the Ghent Film Festival and the Silver Hugo Award in Chicago

The film representing Argentina at the Oscars continues to receive recognition.

Festival de Gent

This Friday, October 20, is the day of the U.S. trade premiere (The Metacritic has an average of 84/100 and On rotten tomatoes 84% positive reviews), Criminals He won more awards at festivals.

At the 50th edition of the Ghent Film Festival (Ghent) in Belgium (October 10-21), the jury consisting of Sebastian Lifshitz (President), Lucas Donut, Anne Dorval, Jessica Chiang, Jacqueline Lintzo, Juanita Onzaga and Colin Stetsson awarded the Grand Prix for Best Film for the funny, winding and atypical film Theft. Criminalsby Rodrigo Moreno. In Moreno’s soft and twisted crime comedy, an Argentine bank employee risks his life and decides to rob the bank where he works, leading to a sudden journey through eclectic episodes. self-meditation delight for three hours, Criminals It is the first Argentine feature film to win the Grand Prix at the Ghent Film Festival.

The jury justified its decision as follows: “The reason for so much misery in modern life is that we are trained to desire a lot when in reality we need a little. Our winning film, a sharp but very entertaining politician, dreams of a revolution against this regime. Like all dreams. It is strange and surreal, full of mischief, melancholy and unexpected facts. Moving at a unique pace in which the vulgar and everyday are elevated to a point of cheerful absurdity, this is a very quirky robbery film, a film that illustrates the point with clear humor and funny that it is not theft if you reclaim what is already yours. From the smallest idea to the greatest gesture, this disruptive, provocative and funny film reminds us of what liberation looks like, because it is. Free. Free from old rules. The freedom to venture into the hills of the endless possibilities of cinema. He is free to reinvent his language just as his clumsy, wobbly personalities reinvent themselves. A jury inspired by creativity unanimously awarded the Grand Prix for Best Film to Rodrigo Moreno’s dazzling film.”

The grand prize is accompanied by a €20,000 distribution grant to support the Belgian release of the film by Imagine Film Distribution (due for release in April 2024) and a €27,500 media campaign, including €10,000 in the newspaper De Morgen.


Grand Prix for Best Film
Criminals by Rodrigo Moreno

George DeLiro Award for Best Original Music
Jerskin Vendricks for his music Pobres criaturas / Poor stuff by Yorgos Lanthimos

Special Disclaimer
Greta Lee, Yu Teo and John Magaro for their performances in Past lives by Celine Song

Exploration Award 2023
slow by Maria Kaftaradze

Special Disclaimer
Sweet East by Sean Price Williams

Joseph Plateau Honorary Awards
Ryosuke Hamaguchi
Terence Davies (posthumously)

Chicago Festival

International Competition

Jury: Glenn Davis, Sonia Hermann Dolls, Valdemar Johansson, Franco Loli and Laura Lochetti

Hugo de Oro:
Explanation of everything / Magyarázat mindenre
Director Gabor Reis – Spain | Hungary, Slovakia

Silver Hugo: Jury Prize
Delinquents/ Criminals
Director Rodrigo Moreno | Argentina, Luxembourg, Brazil, Chile

Silver Hugo: Best Director
Aki Kaorismaki
Fallen leaves
Finland, Germany

Silver Hugo: Best Performance
Mariam At-touzani
Don’t expect much from the end of the world
Directed by Rado Judd | Romania, Luxembourg, France, Croatia

Silver Hugo: Best Supporting Performance
Issey Baggy
About dry herbs
Directed by Nouri Bilge Ceylan | Turkey, France, Germany

Silver Hugo: Best Cast
La Chimera
Directed by Alice Roroacher | Italy, France, Switzerland

Silver Hugo: Best Screenplay
Gáburr Rees and Eva Schulz
Explanation of everything Magyarázat mindenre
Director Gabor Reis – Spain | Hungary, Slovakia

Hugo de Plata: Best Cinematography
Helen Louvre
La Chimera
Directed by Alice Roroacher | Italy, France, Switzerland

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