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News: All news from Disney+ for November

Finals of the season

Disney+ original series by Marvel Studios
Season 2
New episodes every Thursday.
End of season: Thursday, November 9.
The second season of Loki begins after the shocking ending of the first season, when Loki finds himself locked in a battle for the spirit of the time contrast body. Along with Mobius, B-15 Huntess, and a team of new and familiar characters, Loki navigates ever-expanding and increasingly dangerous multiverse in search of Sylvie, Judge Rensley, Miss Minutes, and the truth of what it means to have free will and glorious purpose. Season 1 and episodes 1 through 4 of season 2 are available exclusively on Disney+.

Disney+ Exclusive Series
Goosebumps: Series
Episodes 8 to 10. New episodes every Friday.
End of season: Friday, November 17.
Goosebumps: The series was inspired by R.L. Stein’s Scholastic bestseller. The new production revolves around a group of five high school students embarking on a dark and twisted journey to investigate the tragic death, three decades ago, of a teenager named Harold Biddle, while also revealing dark secrets from his parents’ past. The first 7 episodes are available exclusively on Disney+.

First seasons of Latin American productions

Disney+ Original Series
Parents on request
Season 2
Premiere: Wednesday, November 8. All episodes are available.
The second season of Fathers on Call begins a year after California (Farah Justinaniani) reunites with his mother Etzl, following the arrest of Riquez and Gamboa and the escape of Patricio Sandoval. In the Mexican capital, they meet again with Morgan (Michael Ronda – Sui Luna, Disney +), Diego (Lalo Brito) and Miguel (Jorge Blanco – Violetta, Disney +), who have had different life experiences throughout this year and, together, keep the dream of the band alive. Both parents and California think they’ll all be back together as before, but Etzel has other plans: She wants to take her daughter to live in Oaxaca. The first season is available exclusively on Disney+.

Premiere Special Offers

Disney+ Original Special Offer
Doctor Ho: Astral Monster
Premiere: Saturday, November 25.
Doctor Who: The Star Beast is one of three specials that will premiere on Disney+ as part of the celebration of Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary, and will once again reunite the fourteenth doctor (David Tennant) with Donna Temple (Katherine Tate), who will face off the scariest villain yet: playmaker (Neil Patrick Harris).

Marvel Studios Original Disney + Private
Marvel Studios United: Creating Loki Season 2
Premiere: Wednesday, November 29.
In this new special from Marvel Studios United, audiences will be able to see Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson as they date the Return of God of Lies trip to Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Since Sylvie sent the one who stays, the multiverse has been unleashed, the sacred timeline is approaching destruction, and Loki has returned to the power of Time Variation (VTA) to try to save reality as we know it. Through interviews with the creative minds behind the series and exclusive footage from filming, viewers will be able to learn about the team behind Loki Season 2 without losing the charm and humor that has always been at the heart of the Marvel Studios United series: the creation of Loki Season 1 available exclusively on Disney+.

Premier Movies

Disney+ Original Movie
Christmas magic
Premiere: Friday, November 17.
Eddie Garrick (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges) is a kind-hearted man who doesn’t celebrate Christmas because of a bad childhood experience. At the request of his ex-wife Alison Garrick (Tiuna Paris; WandaVision, the MARVELS), Eddie takes his 9-year-old daughter Charlotte (Madison Skyfallom) to work on Christmas Eve. There they meet a mysterious man in a red suit named Lil Real Howry. Eddie, a social worker, thinks to go through a fake episode and needs professional help, but when Eddie provokes the ire of a local politician (Oscar Núñez; Oscar Núñez; Oscar Núñez). Dismishor), he and his daughter indulge in a magical adventure that can help him regain his faith at Christmas.

Premiere of the film
Mickey and Friends: Trick or Trick
Premiere: Friday, November 17.
Mickey and his friends go to the trick or treat when Donald discovers the creepy mansion he has ever seen. Believing that the scariest house has the best remedies, he convinces his friends to risk a visit. The witch Hazel, who owns the place, has no candy and throws a talisman at her. WITH COMEDY SONGS AND HORROR, MICKEY AND FRIENDS: TRICK OR TRICK CELEBRATES THE FUN OF HALLOWEEN AND THE MEANING OF FRIENDSHIP.

Premiere seasons

Original Series+ Disney+
Behind the attractions
Season 2
Premiere: Wednesday, November 1. All episodes are available.
From executive producers Dwayne Johnson, Danny Garcia, and Brian Falk-Weiss, Behind the Attractions takes viewers on a journey past Disney Parks’ most famous and beloved attractions, featuring the visualizers who designed them and cast members whoSee. After the first season, which included some major attractions such as Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, “It’s a Small World,” and Space Mountain, season two continues to showcase other Disney Park staples, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Indiana Jones Adventure, EPCOT, The Food, and Nighttime Spectaculars. The first season is available exclusively on Disney+.

Original Series+ Disney+
Santa Claus: New Santa Claus
Season 2
Premiere: Wednesday, November 8. The first two episodes are available. A new episode every Wednesday.
In the show’s second season, the Calvin family returns to the North Pole, where Santa Claus/Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) continues his role as Santa Claus after his retirement plans are thwarted by the failure to find a worthy successor in the first season. Now that Scott and his family have managed to save Christmas, Scott focuses on training his son Cal (Austin Kane) to eventually take over the “family business” as Santa Claus. The first season is available exclusively on Disney+

Owl House
Season 3.
Premiere: Wednesday, November 22. All episodes are available.
This season, Luz’s epic to save the boiling islands from the evil emperor Pylos and the unpredictable collector takes on greater intensity as Luz encounters some familiar enemies… Seasons 1 and 2 are available exclusively on Disney+.

Premiere Series

Disney Saturdays: on wheels
Premiere: Wednesday, November 29. All episodes are available.
Saturdays for Disney revolve around 14-year-old Paris Johnson and her best friends, Simone and Ari, who honed their skills on the cold parquet floor on Saturdays, a local skating rink in Chicago. Together, they make up the We-B-Girlz group, and they are determined to prove that they have the best skiing procedures on the planet!

Premiere episodes

Disney+ original series by Marvel Studios
Legends of Marvel Studios
Season 2
Episodes 17 to 19.
Premiere: Friday, November 3.
As the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continues to expand, LEGENDS from Marvel Studios celebrates and explains what happened before. Exploring heroes, villains and epic moments from around the MCU, it prepares audiences for upcoming stories. LEGENDS from Marvel Studios weave together the multiple threads that make up the stunning MCU. The new episodes star Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan and Monica Rambo. Season 1 and the first 16 episodes of this season are available exclusively on Disney+

Premiere Series
Mini Tunes: Mini Camp
Premiere episodes from 6 to 9.
Premiere: Wednesday, November 1.
Minnie and Daisy go on outdoor adventures with their new project: Camp Mini! They have a lot of fun in the sun in this wonderful camp in the forest: they go horseback riding, play water sports, sing, grilled marshmallows, and even organize a parade. With Clarabelle as the director of activities, Cuckoo-Loca is always willing to give wings, surprise visits from BoSque creatures, tricks abound. Along the way, old and new friends join, because the more fun he gets! The first 5 episodes available exclusively on Disney+

Lucas Disney + Original Movie Series
Star Wars: The Adventures of the Young Jedi
Episodes 14 to 19.
Premiere: Wednesday, November 8.
Set during the High Republic era, the animated series follows a group of young Jedi as they study the ways of power, explore the galaxy, help citizens and creatures through adversity, and learn the valuable skills needed to become Jedi. The first 13 episodes available exclusively on Disney+

Short Film Series
Disney Junior Mickey and Me
Episodes 19 to 34.
Premiere: Wednesday, November 8.
The fun continues with Disney’s new interactive Junior series Mickey and Me. The audience will be able to be alongside Mickey in his daily routine, in his games, activities, projects and more! With the Disney Junior film series Mickey and Me shorts, audiences will be able to bring their creativity, imagination, and humor to every episode. The first 18 episodes available exclusively on Disney+

Short Film Series
Episodes 16 to 20.
Premiere: Wednesday, November 8.
The series follows how, an optimistic squirrel whose thirst for life leads her to countless adventures around her city, along with Barry, her quiet rabbit boyfriend. Set in a world where magical animals and eccentrics face everyday life together, the duo navigate school, relationships, and their often eccentric society. The first 15 episodes available exclusively on Disney+

Mickey Mouse Fun House
Season 2
Episodes 14 to 18.
Premiere: Wednesday, November 15.
The second season of Mickey Mouse Funhouse shows Mickey, Minnie and their friends – Daisy, Donald and Goffy – climbing the Funhouse ramps anywhere to more fantasy worlds of adventure and fantasy. Season 1 and the first 13 episodes of this season are available exclusively on Disney+

Alice’s Wonderful StoreSweets
Episodes 20 to 25.
Premiere: Wednesday, November 22.
When little Alicia inherits her great-grandmother’s enchanted cookbook, she takes control of the pastry shop in Wonderland and discovers the magic of food and its ability to bring people together. The first 19 episodes available exclusively on Disney+

Super Kittens
Episodes 17 to 20.
Premiere: Wednesday, November 29.
The world believes that Bitsy, Geneny, Sparks and Buddy are great cats that snuggle on the Purr ‘N’ Play. But when problems arise, they turn into … Supercats! This cat quartet tackles injustice wherever they go and is on a mission: protecting Kittydale’s pets and people from villains like Mr. Puppypaws, Lab Raat, Cat Burglar, and Zsa-Zsa. Thanks to their supernatural powers, imaginary cat devices and, most of all, their kindness and compassion, Super Kittens make the world a better and more fascinating place. The first 16 episodes are available exclusively on Disney+.

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