Manchester United v Newcastle, live: results and goals

Manchester United maintain possession but pose no threat to Newcastle’s goal. Enjoy Newcastle fans in the stands at Old Trafford.

Changes to both groups!


Enter |
Hoglund, Rashford and Bruno Fernandes

They Leaving |
Grenache, Hannibal and Martial


Enter |
Wilson and Bruno GuimarãesThey Leaving |
Gordon and Willock

Willock’s goal! Manchester United 0-3 Newcastle!

Sleeps with the ball
Amrabat Joe’s possession is restored
Wheellock Who leads and dribbles opponents to determine from the edge of the area and score Newcastle’s third goal. First chance for the team
Eddie Howe In the second half and goal.

It does not reach the military end! Garnacho’s ball hung up on the penalty spot that Martial is trying to reach without luck. Goal kick for Newcastle.

Martial is about to be robbed! Martial put a heavy pressure on Dubravka and is about to force the opposition goalkeeper to commit a foul in the six-yard area.

Imposing angle
Grenache. Individual work by the Argentine Spaniard on the left flank and corrects in defense
Leframento Although he concedes a corner kick for Manchester United.

Anthony’s perverted shot! The Brazilian receives in midfield, one – two with
Wan-Bissaka A left-footed shot exploded without creating a danger in the Newcastle goal.

Manchester United make another attempt to get closer but it was cancelled for offside

Large-scale shooting of
Amrabat From the edge of the box. He played on the left wing and a cross to the far post ended with the Moroccan midfielder’s shot.

Grenache When they were looking for him with a ball straight towards the Dubravka goal line.

Leframento The ball that Manchester United are trying to filter. Ten Hag’s side were more active in the second half, although Newcastle defended well in the half.

Raise the crowd of Hannibal! He fell on Hannibal on the right side of Newcastle Stadium. He stands up and asks for encouragement from his audience who responds immediately.

What an occasion for Manchester United! Bottom Line Wheel
Wan-Bissaka and puts a low ball to
Martial From the first time he shoots the goal and the forces
Dubravka It deflected for an angle.

All Newcastle defends in the half field. The first minutes of the second half and the home team came out stronger.

Yellow card for Willlock!

The first card for Newcastle United. The force in the center of the field is the newly integrated Amrabat.

The second half starts at Old Trafford! Newcastle acquisition!

Enter |
Wan-Bissaka and Amrabat

They Leaving |
Casemiro and Dalot

Manchester United |
Mason Mount

Newcastle |
Lewis Hall

Possession of the ball: 50% – 50%

Auctions: 5 – 5

Shots on goal: 2 – 3

Angles: 2 – 1

Yellow Cards: 2 – 0

Red Cards: 0 – 0

Passes: 233 – 231

Precise pass: 80% – 81%

Halftime in
Old Trafford. Comfortable win for the team
Eddie Howe Who took the initiative with the aim of
Almiron They extended their lead with a great shot from
Lewis Hall. Old Trafford fans booed their players as they left for the dressing room.

Move the ball
Newcastle In the opponent’s half who sleeps the game in the final minutes of this first half. Cheers’
firstby visiting fans in the face of their players’ passes.

Good stop from Dubravka! Mason Mount’s long-range shot forces the rescueNewcastle player to stretch and send the ball for a corner.

Anthony Gordon presses the opponent’s ball and is about to steal possession from the home defence.

Added 5 minutes!

Five minutes were added to the first half after a break due to assists for Hannibal and Target, who had to be substituted in the opening minutes of the match.

Maguire Throw-in. Try the low cross
Almiron And the English centre-back pushes it to the side. New possession for Newcastle.

Willock’s shot! Newcastle’s new vertical attacking shift that ends with Willock’s shot from midfield. Shoot smoothly
Onana In the center of his goal.

Hannibal hurts on the groundZ. The United midfielder jumps for an air ball on the balcony of the opponent’s area and falls to his side. For the match, the referee makes sure that the assists.

Manchester United corner.
The first corner kick for the hosts. A chance from set-pieces for Ten Hag.

Lewis Hall’s goal! Manchester United 0 – 2 Newcastle!

What a shot of Lewis Hall! Remove
Maguire to the edge of his area on which Lewis Hall attaches with his left foot to place it at the back of the goal.
Andre Onana.

Reguilon shot! Another Manchester United shot from the edge of the area flew over Dubravka’s goal.

What a great job by Tino Liframento! The rebound ball that controls
Grenache But he throws himself to the ground.
Leframento and maintains possession. “Tino” shouts from Newcastle fans present at Old Trafford.

Hand from
mount! Dangerous center of
Dalot towards the far post where Mount tries a header but ends up hitting it with his arm.

A goal for Newcastle! Manchester United 0 – 1 Newcastle!

What a great goal of
Newcastle! Goal by
Almiron! Recovery
Leframento Which breaks the lines with an amazing campaign towards half the opponent. Gives the ball to
Almiron Who, in front of Onana, ends in the far post with his left foot.

Hannibal After a fantastic long ball from Lewis Hall in search of Almiron who runs all the way down the wing to prevent the ball from going off the Manchester United goal line.

Recover the ball on
Manchester. Restoration of possession
Tuna Haj Minutes after the domination of
Newcastle. However, the home team failed to create chances.

Error on
Lewis Hall. Very intense pressure from
Anthony who ends up bringing down the Newcastle full-back in his own half.

Providence Hannibal! Joe Willock enters the opponent’s area and Hannibal appears behind him, throws himself to the ground and recovers the ball.

Matt Ritchie Fire! A dead ball is collected on the balcony of the area by Richie and hits with his left foot over the Manchester United goal.

Little by little, Newcastle is getting closer. Possession
Eddie Howe Although it does not create scoring chances on goal

A yellow card for Casemiro!

Another mistake from Manchester United. Willock’s counterattack does not find a teammate to give the ball to him and ends up being brought down by Casemiro. Chance of a set piece for visitors.

They ask for a second yellow card for Hannibal! The Manchester United player arrives late again and visiting players receive a second yellow card. The referee does not show that and asks the Newcastle players to calm down.

Advance cutting
Lewis Hall. Manchester United try to get the ball out and the Chelsea loanee clears the throw-in.

Lindelof passes a ball from midfield to a corner. The first corner kick of the match.

Yellow for Hannibal!

The first card of the game. It was picked up by the Manchester United midfielder for a collision in the air when he was arguing the ball with Longstaff.

Casemiro’s shot! The Manchester United captain tries from the edge of the area but Dubravka catches it without any problems.

Wheellock. Newcastle managed to save the ball before going down to the touchline but
Longstaff He slips a pass when Willock is in front.

About to steal the ball
Dalot In half the discount. The Manchester United full-back throws himself to the ground and touches the ball, although the Newcastle defence managed to save possession.

The game continues to interrupt again and again. So far, neither team has been able to create a danger to the opponent’s goal. Maintains possession
Tuna Haj.

Joelinton envelope
Sergio Reguilon. Brazilian catches Spaniard when the ball comes out and asks for a yellow card for the player
Newcastle. It does not appear by the referee.

Deep Ball by
Anthony For
Dalot that the full-back does not reach. The ball goes out on the touchline in the half of the Newcastle half.

Change in Newcastle!

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He stays on the ground in pain
Target After attempting to steal possession from Martial. The Englishman needs medical help.

The first long possession of
Manchester. Touch the ball back against the front pressure of

The match kicks offAh, at Old Trafford! Manchester United put the ball into play!

Coin toss and … Beginning!

Manchester City He will no longer be able to win everything that exists and will be. Coincidentally, as happened last season, the title that will not be lifted will definitely be
Carabao Cup After falling a few weeks ago in the third round to
Newcastle (1-0).

🖋️ | 
Newcastle beat Manchester City and were left without a chance to claim a title!

City’s big 3-0 win at Old Trafford once again exposed a Reds that are still in the process of changing, plagued by injuries and internal struggles and with the club’s owners still questioning how to sell him.

🖋️ |
 Crush the Destructive City

Both teams lost points
Last weekend in the Premier League. the
Manchester United lost in the derby to Manchester City 3-0, a very convincing result that invites him to provide a great reaction to the powerful
Newcastle. Group
Eddie Howe Draw against
Wolves (2-2), so he also wants to win again. Let’s remember that both teams are playing in the Champions League this year, so it’s a game at the highest level.

Both teams play their second match in the Carabao Cup. In the previous round,
Eliminate Crystal Palace (0-3) at Old Trafford and
Newcastle United eliminate Manchester City (1-0) at St. James’ Park.

The person responsible for directing the party is
Robert Jones. He is an international referee for
Football Since this year. This is the first time this season that Manchester United have ruled and the second time Newcastle United have ruled. He already led the Magpies in the match against Manchester City in the Premier League, where Guardiola’s team won by a goal to none.

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Bench | Carrius, Trippier, Lascelles, Wilson, Almiron, Bern, Bruno Guimarães, Diallo and Parkinson

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Bench | Pinder, Amrabat, Bruno Fernandes, Rashford, Hoglund, Eriksen, Wan-Bissaka, Evans and McTominay.

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Let’s go with the lineups of both teams!

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Manchester and
Newcastle Today you play the round of 16 of the Carabao Cup in
Old Trafford
. The Ten Hague men host a Champions League rival, Newcastle United, after a visit to Manchester City that ended in the thrashing of Pep Guardiola’s side.

It’s a great game ahead of us. Beginning!

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