GH VIP 8 fans explode with a show to change the rule: “crazy”

Last Thursday, ‘Gran Hermano VIP 8’ celebrated its tenth concert on Telecinco. Paid by Marta Fletch, the program focused on a new expulsion, the final decision for the play-offs and new nominations. With 77% of the votes, the public decided to expel the model for the second time Susanna Bianca.

Susanna Bianca, in

Susana Bianca, in “GH VIP 8”


The program had launched Operation Repechage a week earlier with three aspirants: Albert Infante, Pilar Lori and Luitingo. According to what they explained to the audience, spectators had to vote for two of them to stay at home. In the first round of voting, Albert Infante was chosen by the public and became a full contestant last Sunday.

As announced by the program, on Thursday the play-off process was resolved with the entry of Pilar or Luitingu Based on public vote. Pilar was selected by the public with 51% of votes. Following the logic and interpretations of the program, the OST singer of ‘Operación Camarón’ had to leave the house permanently after this repechage process.

Minutes after learning of the public’s decision, Marta Fletch announced that Luitingo could remain a full rider if Pilar Lowry or Jessica Bueno decided Spend €5,000 of the final prize of all contestants.

Luitengo and Pilar Lori, in

Luitengo and Pilar Lori, in “GH VIP 8”


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More than significant amount since the “second chance” and return to Susanna’s house 25,000 EUR The potential meeting between Oriana and her boyfriend was for 3 minutes at the price of 12,000 EUR. With this option at this price, Jessica decided to keep her best friend Luitingo at home as a contestant.

In this way, the three aspirants to repechage became contestants without the votes of the public being of interest. Something for viewers and show lovers to watch angry a week after voting through the app, According to the rules of the game announced at previous festivals.

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