Evanelsson, with a hat-trick, destroys Antwerp and launches Porto

Evanelson, the 24-year-old Brazilian striker, was the champion of the 4-1 victory for Porto in Antwerp By signing a hat-trick in the second half leaves the Portuguese team in a very good position in their battle to enter the knockout stages of the Champions League. with six points out of nine possible, three points away from the plenary session of the Conference Barcelona, practically leaves the Belgian team without options, with a donut of points in its closet, while the Shakhtar Donetsk He has three points.

And this is despite the fact that Evanelson It didn’t start. After overcoming an ankle injury, he gradually enters the eleventh beginning. Sergio Conceição. Against Barcelona in do Dragao (0-1), he terrorized Barcelona when he came on in the 64th minute. In Antwerp, he exploded shortly before half-time to replace the injured player. Wendell When a group Van Bommel Led 1-0 thanks to a goal Yusuf (37′).

The second half was for the Brazilian, who equalized in the 46th minute after a pass from Tarimi. After 1-2 of Eustace (54′), two more goals in the 69th minute, assisted by Baby, and 84′, again in conjunction with Tarimi.

Evanelsson, with a hat-trick, destroys Antwerp and launches Porto




AntwerpPotties.: De Leet (Wendal, min. 60), Alderweireld, Koulibaly, Battay. Vermeren, Ekellenkamp, Youssef; Moja (Ijoki, 78′), Janssen (Elenikina, min. 77) and Balliquesha (Valencia, min. 77) (Kirk, min. 90)
coachVan Baumel:
Porto:Coast; Joao Mario, Pepe (Concecao, 83′), Carmo, Wendell (Ivanilsson, 44′), Franco (Jorge Sánchez, 66′), Varela (Nico, 83′), Eustachio (Gruic, 82′), Galino, Pepe and Tarremi
coachSergio Conceição:
Goals: 1-0, Youssef (37′), 1-1, Ivanelson (46′), 1-2, Ostaccio (54′), 1-3, Ivanelson (min. 69), 1-4, Ivanelson (min. 84)
Spectators: 15,000 in Boswilstadion.
ArbitratorBenoît Bastien (France): TA to Ostacchio (14′), Carmo (45′), Pepe (62′), Mouga (73′) and Alderweireld (90′)

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