Dreamland Gran Canaria is indeed the only flagship

the Dreamland Gran Canaria Forget again the negative consequences of ACP Maintain another week of unbeaten position at the European Championship, also cementing the already sole lead of Group B after beating Mensidellis J.L. Pur in Bryce, the opponent with whom they were fighting for first place on the fourth day of the continental competition (84-76).

Texas Center Ben Lammers He became the main fortress of the Claritians in this duel with 17 points and 7 rebounds, along with 12 points, 6 rebounds and 21 PIR points. Pierre Belos, making sterile 13 of Jeremy Morgan and 11 points and 5 rebounds of zakaria Resasher, In the ranks of visitors.

France dominated the match in the early stages (6-9) benefiting from the physical contribution Kokela In drawing and ingenuity Resher, son of the well-known French international champion ACP with Onikakha, Stefan Reissher.

However, the American Ethan Happ Taking the lead in the yellow attack (6 Points In the first quarter), both compatriot Lammers and Argentine took the baton Nico Prosino onTo balance the scales (15-15) in the middle of the opening period.

Against this background, the game Lammers, Texas leads the attack battery of the islanders with 11 points. That was enough to settle the first quarter in favor of the Claritians (26-21).

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In the second group, Dreamland He extended the gum with Bassas and Pelos, overcoming a ten-day deficit (39-28) six minutes before half-time.

Yellow Coach, jaka Lakovich, Continue to accelerate cycles to further erode the French trench, disrupting the reaction Slash Brown went forward and increased the deficit to 18 points (56-38), after two shots from the line of error. Proseno. However, the triple indicator Resher Allowed to Mencidillis Sweetened the difference slightly in the first half (56-41).

on the way back from the locker room, Hairs Take over from Lammers to increase the wound to 23 points (69-46), forcing the visiting coach to time out, Frederick Voto. Who’s there rowland and Morgan They compensated a little for the bleeding, leaving the deficit at 13 (69-56), ten minutes before the end.

Wings Lakovic They ended up putting an end to the French effervescence. conservation, Albeci and we consulted They fattened their stats in a game that lasted in the two weeks (75-60) six minutes before the end. Murga and Kokela They were encouraged to exchange baskets and this chaos ended in both episodes with the imposition of a tactical stop from the hands of Lakovic (78-67).

Lammers and Albeci They jumped back on the ground to secure the progress that seemed calm, but in the end it was complicated by the scoring flurry from Mencidillis Which ended with the adjustment of the score (84-76).


Dreamland Gran Canaria Power 84-76

84. Dreamland Gran Canaria (26 + 30 + 13 + 15): Albesi (11), Slaughter (5) Proseno (5), Shorna (6) Wahab (9) – starting from five -; Lammers (17), Klajic (2), Bassas (5), Perkasin (1), Salvo (11), Belos (12) and Landsberg (-).

Coach: Jaka Lakovic.

76. Mensideliss GL Borg on Press (21+20+15+20): Mike (11), Coquila (9), Benitez (2), Resher (11) and Morgan (13) – starting with five -; Salash (5), Corby (-), Brown (9), Rowland (12), Omanka (2) and Julian (2).

Instructor: Frederick Fotho.

Referees: Robert Lütermuseum (Germany), Jorgis Lorenavisius (Lithuania) and Guido Giovannetti (Italy). Yellow player Ben was eliminated for personal reasons Lamers.

Incidents: A match corresponding to the fourth round of Group B of the BKT European Cup, played at the Gran Canaria Arena in front of 3,346 spectators.

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