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Comments: Review “I wouldn’t ask anyone to believe me”, Fernando Frias de la Barra movie (Netflix)

After the global success of Netflix for I’m not here anymore. (2019), the Mexican director presented a few days ago at the Morelia and Mar del Plata festivals this transfer of the famous novel of the same name by Juan Pablo Villalobos, which on November 22 reaches all parts of the world thanks to the famous streaming service that is also the main financier of the film.

I’m not going to ask anyone to believe me. (Mexico/2023). Director: Fernando Frias de la Barra. Cast: dario Yazbek Bernal, Ana Castillo, Natalia Soleín, Alexis Ayala, Carmen Beto, Ivano-Palatucci and Juan Menogen. Screenplay: María Camila Arias and Fernando Frias de la Barra. Cinematographer: Damien Garcia. Edited by: Yabran Asaoud. Composer: Isaac Bonville and Martin de Torci. Running time: 116 minutes. Available on Netflix from Wednesday, November 22.

Go away Global warming (2008), Rizetta (2012), I’m not here anymore. (2019) and his participation in the series Espoques, Fernando Frias de la Barra messes with the novel published by Anagrama in 2016 and winner of the Heraldi Prize.

Like the author of the book, the protagonist of the film is Juan Pablo Villalobos (Darío Yazbek Bernal), a young man about to travel to obtain a doctorate in the use of humor in Latin American literature, at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Before leaving, he visits his parents in Guadalajara, but encounters his cousin, who is engaged in shady acts and is killed in cold blood by gangsters under the amazing gaze of the protagonist. No kidding, there is nothing improvised. It will be these gangs who will begin not only to follow but even digitize his steps through Barcelona, where he travels with his girlfriend Valentina Cruz García (Natalia Solín), but he must call (and seduce) Laya (Ana Castillo), a feminist student who is the daughter of a powerful Catalan politician.

The characters take it upon themselves to emphasize again and again that we are in the less touristy areas of Barcelona (in the background we see signs of houses taken over by the squatters) and the character of Facundo, the rogue Argentine and the Canciro played by Juan Minugín, predict that Juan Pablo and Valentina will go to break up (partly the protagonist will do it to protect her safety). But – other than some unnecessary underlining of voiceover and in sentences to the camera in which the fourth wall was broken – I’m not going to ask anyone to believe me. He deals with ease, tension and rudeness with a combination of gangster thriller, college adventures and the accumulation of entanglements that derive from Buster Keaton’s physical humor and Aki Kaurismaki’s silent comedy. The accumulation of adventures that will make him follow the Chinese and Catalan gangsters, that he will collide with the merchants, that he will embody his body and face conquered by the increasing and annoying neurodermatitis and that he will have to study Judith Butler’s articles to impress Laya.

If in I’m not here anymore. The cultural clash between Monterrey and Queens is listed, and here is the jump to the rather vile Barcelona where Juan Pablo will live alone After working hours (After working hoursby Martin Scorsese) and he will have to maintain an unstable balance to survive. Tragic comedy provocative, annoying, uncomfortable and difficult.

PoliceThe film’s relationship with Argentina is due not only to Minujín’s presence in the cast, but also to the soundtrack, which includes songs such as: Once upon a timeBy Indio Solari and the fundamentalists of air conditioning; If we don’t talkby Pedro Aznar; and Tanning, from your dusk.

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