Ballon d’Or 2023 | Winners, feedback and data

End of live show of the 67th edition of the Ballon d’Or
These are the winners:

Messi, Men’s Ballon d’Or

Aitana Bonmati, Women’s Ballon d’Or

Dibo Martinez, Yashin Cup (Best Goalkeeper)

Erling Haaland, Muller Cup (top scorer)

Jude Bellingham, Copa for the best U21

Vinicius Jr., Socrates Cup (Best Social and Humanitarian Work)

Manchester City, the best men’s team

FC Barcelona, the best women’s team

23:42Lionel Messi’s press conference ended

Messi responds to Mundo Deportivo:
“I think with everything the club has given me and I’ve given them, it’s not good not to say goodbye. That’s why I hope it will come one day. Barcelona is my home, I love the club and its people. I don’t know if it’s at the new Camp Nou, or anywhere else, but I love his people and it has to happen.”

“Training doesn’t call me.”
As of today, this is not an option. Returning to Barcelona is a choice, it’s where I’m going to live. Barcelona have always helped me and I would like to collaborate in some way. Now I look no further, I’m a footballer and I want to keep playing

About Barcelona:
“Being in the best team in the world gives you a chance to win everything. And even more so if you’re in the best team in history like me. They are the best team in the world because they are different from everything else. The fact that I have been there for many years is what allowed me to win so many awards.”

About how special each Ballon d’Or is
“They are all special, but the latter two are more than that because they come from the national team, after winning the Copa America and the World Cup, so that’s for the Argentine. It’s one of the most special years of my career because of everything it means to me. It’s hard to say he’s the best, because I was lucky enough to play for a long time in the best team in the world and achieve different successes.”

I read about his experience at PSG:
Although the experience in Paris was not what I expected, I have friends there and my children became very fond of the city. It’s a great place, I was lucky enough to enjoy it

Messi: “I don’t know if I’m the best in history or not, I don’t even ask”
The fact that it was hinted at is indeed a privilege. Everyone has been playing football since they were young and it’s an honour to be talked about. I follow Barcelona and I will always do it because it is the club I love and I will love it for the rest of my life. I think they can fight for the Champions League, despite what happened against Real Madrid. He’s one of the favourites, but he has to walk little by little, grow in the competition.”

23:28Messi’s press conference begins

Aitana was so excited.
The Blaugrana footballer admitted that she is living a dream and that she has not slept for days.
More information here

23:11Let’s go with some of the top feedback!!

23:11Aitana’s press conference concludes

Aitana Architectural Medicine:
“We’re a very good team, very complete and very big. I’m very proud of everything I’ve achieved.”

On his nerves:
“I feel more comfortable playing football than talking, because I’m not used to such big stages. It was a day full of tremendous emotions.”

Aitana on Messi:
“I’m proud that we grew up in Barcelona, we’re a world-class club. A club that cares about talent and values, that’s why we’re unique in the world.”

Messi speaks
I think Mbappe and Haaland will share the awards in the coming years, because they are very good.”

The importance of the Companions
They are the driving force of our daily lives, and the key to success. It was a long road and a great sacrifice, but it was worth it, thanks to them and all that they achieved.

When winning more Ballon d’Or:
You never know, but knowing how I, very demanding, I will continue to fight for everything. Without forgetting that individual awards come after collective awards. It’s a difficult road, especially when you almost can’t afford to fail, but in the last few years it’s improved a lot across the board. Especially mentally. My mission is to enjoy this, share it with my loved ones and with all those who approved me.

Aitana: “I never dreamed of this”
“It wasn’t an easy year for Spanish football, we had to fight against a lot of things. I’m glad we’re leaving a legacy. Being here today was unimaginable to me, I never dreamed of. Together with Alexia, we are proud to be role models for girls and boys from future generations. My teammates and I demand ourselves very much and we will continue to fight for everything.”

22:58Aitana appears at a press conference:

Messi’s legend became bigger
The Argentine star won his eighth Ballon d’Or, as his brutal role in the World Cup in Qatar was recognized.
This is how we explain it in Mundo Deportivo

The ceremony is over
We will now look at all the winners and the reactions of the football world, including the winners themselves

On Mbappe and Haaland:
“They’re competitive monsters. I know Kylian very well and he’s very competitive, just look at Erling how he celebrates goals. I’m sure they’ll have a nice fight. They deserved it too.”

Messi’s family will take the stage, to take a historical photo

Messi: “As long as I can keep playing I will keep playing, that’s what I love. I can’t say retirement date, I’m just thinking about having fun.”

Ballon d’Or winners raised at La Masia
Undoubtedly, today Catalans are lucky for the winners.
So the newspaper director explains it,

Messi continues:
“I was lucky enough to be at the best club in the world and in a strong team to be able to win everything. Also, I never gave up, even in bad times, when I didn’t have it. Luckily everything has changed.”

22:40The impeccable speech of the 8-time Ballon d’Or winner

22:39This was the Ballon d’Or podium.

Messi speaks:
“I would like to thank all my colleagues for this award. Especially those who are in the national team. I would also like to congratulate Haaland and Killian, who had a great year. I see a lot of young people here, and I’m sure I’ll soon have to try this from another side. I want to mention in particular the fact that many people wanted Argentina to be world champion so that I could achieve my dream. I would like to thank my family, especially for being there in the worst moments. Without you this would have been impossible. Finally, I would like to mention Diego, whose birthday falls today. I don’t think there’s a better tribute to him, wherever he is.”

Leo Messi is the winner of the Ballon d’Or

The Argentine star wins the eighth Ballon d’Or. Absolute madness!

22:31We’re about to find out who won the Ballon d’Or!!

David Beckham is already on stage
The former English footballer, who won the Ballon d’Or in 1999, was influenced by Charlton: “He was a great person and we will always remember him. I owe him everything, without him I probably wouldn’t have played for United. We’re going to miss him.”

Top five players names

1. Aitana

2. Care

3. Salma

4. Rolfo

5. Airbis

Of the top five, three players are from Barcelona and two are Spaniards.

22:15Barcelona boast the Ballon d’Or

More from Aitana:
“I’m very nervous, being here is a dream. In the most important awards in football. We’re doing a great job and the results in the last few years speak to the mentality of the team. In Spain we have a very great talent, and that says a lot that we got the Ballon d’Or at home for three years. We are a country that lives in football a lot.”

Aitana: “I am very proud of what we achieve”
“It’s been a great year on a sporting level. Football is a team sport and everything I have achieved will not make sense without my teammates. I dedicate this to all the clubs I’ve played for. Thank you Laporta, for betting on us when no one trusted her. And special thanks to my family and my father. Finally, congratulations to the rest of the winners. Together we must fight for a more equal world.”
More information here

22:05Aitana Bonmati is the women’s Ballon d’Or!!

22:05Kiir, Salma and Rolfo are the other candidates

22:03Everything indicates that Aitana Bonmati is Alexia’s successor as a winner

Novak Djokovic will be responsible for saying the name of the Ballon d’Or winner
When I was ten years old, I had to choose between tennis and football and I think I was right. I’m a football fan and a fan of Kervina Zvezda and Milan”.

22:00The Golden Ball is now at the Châtelet Theatre

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This was the Yashin Cup ranking.1. Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa/Argentina)2. Ederson (Manchester City/Brazil)3. Yassine Bounou (Seville – Al Hilal / Morocco) 4. Thibaut Courtois (R. Madrid/Belgium)5. Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Barcelona/Germany)6. André Onana (Inter Milan Man. United./Cameroon)7. Dominik Livakovic (Dr. Zagreb/Croatia)8. Aaron Ramsdale (Arsenal/England)9. Mike Maynan (Milan/France)10. Price Samba (lens/France)

21:54City players Rodri and Bernardo speak:

“We’ve achieved our dream of winning the Champions League, but we don’t want to stop here. Now we want more. The club is working well for that”.

This is how the vote for the Copa del Rey (Under-21 Player of the Year) turned1st Jude Bellingham (B. Dortmund-R. Madrid/England)2º Jamal Musiala (Bayern/Germany)3º Pedri (Barcelona/Spain)4. Eduardo Camavinga (R. Madrid/France)5. Gavi (Barcelona/Spain)6. Xavi Simmons (PSV Eindhoven Leipzig/Netherlands) 7. Alejandro Balde (Barcelona/Spain)8. Antonio Silva (Benfica/Portugal)9. Rasmus Hoglund (Sturm Graz-Atalanta-Man. United/Denmark) Elie Wahi (Montpellier Lens/France)

Manchester City, the best men’s club of the year!!

At the moment there are no surprises, the best Barcelona women’s and City men’s clubs of the year

Haaland is able to see all the goals he scored
It’s an incredible moment because he makes a face as if he had never broken a dish in his life, when he scores goals with his right and left head, head and even chest

Top scorer of 2023 is Haaland

Norwegian with 56 goals, between club and country

Let’s go with the Muller Cup —

Didier Drogba had to ask for Amy to be respected
There was some tension in collecting the trophy, some of those present whistled at the Argentine goalkeeper.
More information here

A very exciting moment on stage
Dibo’s father is responsible for handing over the trophy to his son, who did not expect it. “The fat man (his father) is the best, he follows me everywhere. This award is an honor and everything that comes is welcome, but the best has already won. I dedicate it to all my people,” said the World Cup-winning goalkeeper.

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21:29The winner is Emiliano Martinez

21:29Let’s go with the Yashin Cup (best goalkeeper)!!

We are getting closer and closer to knowing the winner of the Ballon d’Or

It should be remembered that the 67th edition of the prestigious individual award is held

21:21We have more positions in the men’s Ballon d’Or

Battery Guigaro: “We want to improve ourselves every year”
“We work every day to be better every day, every year, in every competition”

Jonathan Giraldez: “I watch them train every day and I’m not surprised by what they achieve”
I’m happy with the growth we’re making, it’s a pleasure and a pride to be able to train them every day. They are growing more and more in all aspects

President speaks: “Thank you to all Barcelona”
“I’m very proud of our team and everyone who made this possible. I also thank the Barcelona fans for their support for the Barcelona women. This award is yours.”

21:16Joan Laporta, Patri Guigaro and Jonathan Giraldez collect title

21:15Barcelona women are the best team of the season

21:11This is how the Golden Ball travels!

This award rewards the social work of the off-field footballer

The Real Madrid player is the winner to help Brazilian children who are in a sensitive social situation

21:05The winner of the Socrates Cup is Vinicius

It’s time to find out the winner of the Socrates Cup
The person responsible for its delivery will be none other than Albert II of Monaco, Prince of Monaco

Bellingham: “I thank everyone who helped me get here.”
“I chose the number 5 at Real Madrid because of Zidane, one of my idols. It is an honor to be among the best in the world. This trophy is important for me, but the priority is to win the team titles”.

Copa honours the best young player (U-21) of the season
Bellingham picks up the baton from Gavi, the last winner

20:57Bellingham Cup Copa winner!!

The candidates for the cup are
Bellingham, Camavinga, Pedri, Musiala and Gaviwe

Eden Hazard: “I’ve done everything in football”
Now it’s time to enjoy a new phase with the family. I’ve enjoyed football a lot before.

The first trophy is presented
The award will be awarded by Eden Hazard, who will announce the winner of the Copa

The Golden Ball on its way to the Théâtre du Châtelet

They start their tour of the Eiffel Tower and go around the city until they reach the hands of the winners

Players take to the stage

The ceremony begins
Presenters welcome all attendees

20:46Didier Drogba and Sandy Herbert will present the ceremony

20:45The ceremony will start soon, here we will continue to tell you everything in detail!!

20:42Laporta spoke casually before the start of the concert with Soriano and then with Infantino

20:37They say a picture is worth a thousand words

20:30Watch out for our special reporter’s video, madness with Messi’s arrival

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20:23Lionel Messi arrives

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Djokovic didn’t want to miss the ceremony either
The tennis player wanted to remember his love of football: “I love this sport, my father was a professional and I am a big lover, and I hope that one day there will be the Serbian Ballon d’Or.”

20:11Arrival of Vinicius and Bellingham

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This is how FC Barcelona arrived!! —

Cheers exchanged between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain fans upon the arrival of the Catalan team
The delegation led by Joan Laporta received some insults that said: “puxx Barça puxx Barça”, to which other fans responded with: “Visca el Barça i visca Catalunya”

19:59The arrival of the Barcelona delegation is greeted with some insults

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Haaland received the most applause so far
The Norwegian striker is already on the venue and as our colleague Roger Torello tells us, he was by far the most applause of the night. Leo Messi has not yet arrived.

19:54Haaland: “It’s going to be a great night”

Rodri Hernandez: “I’m proud to be here”
“The Spanish midfielder assured that he would like to win such an award one day, but it is very difficult and the simple fact of being in the conversation is already a success”

People go completely crazy, the Manchester City delegation arrives –

For gestures like those of Dibu, it is worth this concert :-

19:41Eden Hazard wet: ‘Leo will win the Ballon d’Or’

19:40Processor risk has arrived

Alba Redondo is clear about it
“I have no doubt that Aitana Bonmatti will win the Ballon d’Or based on her own merits”

Hristo Stochkov shows–

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She is one of 7 Spaniards nominated for the Ballon d’Or
In addition to Alba Redondo there will also be: Barraluelo, Guigaro, León, Carmona, Mape and favorite: Aitana

The world champion is coming, LLEga Alba Redondo!! —

Kfaratskhilia: “I’m so happy to be here, it’s a pleasure”

Quality reaches the concert, Khevicha Kfaratskhelia arrives

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Amy Martinez: “If I win the award, one day I’ll play in the Royal League”
The Argentine goalkeeper said that it would be a dream to be able to win such an important recognition

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Rao Alejandro: “I want Messi to win”
New generations look at other players, but I Messi and we have to say goodbye to him as we should

This is an offer!! Rao Alejandro appears

We could have a surprise in the Yashin Cup
In the list of names, Emiliano is behind Bono

Player names keep coming up!

Depo Martinez is here!!
In principle, he will be the first footballer to speak on the red carpet.

The red carpet has begun!
In the next few minutes, legendary characters will begin to appear. One of the first was Gabriel Cissé, with blue hair

Golden Ball smile? We’ll find out in a moment…

Didier Drogba present at the ceremony
One of the best African strikers in history is in Paris to find out who the winners are. What a goal he scored!

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The 10 candidates for the Copa del Rey
1. Jude Bellingham (England) Dortmund / Real Madrid

2. Gavi (Spain) Barcelona

3. Jamal Musiala (Germany) Bayern

4. Eduardo Camavinga (France) Real Madrid

5. Pedri (Spain) Barcelona

6. Xavi Simmons (Netherlands) PSG/RB Leipzig

7. Alejandro Balde (Spain) Barcelona

8. Antonio Silva (Portugal) Benfica

9. R. Hoglund (Denmark) Atalanta / M. United

10. Elie Wahi (France) Montpellier / Lens

More Men’s Golden Ball names show up –

Automatically imported

Yashin Cup Candidates
Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa/Argentina)

Tipo Courtois (Real Madrid/Belgium)

Ter Stegen (Barcelona/Germany)

Ederson (Manchester City/Brazil)

Yassine Bouno “Bono” (Seville-Al Hilal/Morocco)

Mike Maynan (Milan/France)

Andre Onana (Inter Milan v Manchester United/Cameroon)

Aaron Ramsdale (Arsenal/England)

Levakovic (Dinamo Zagreb – Fenerbach/Croatia)

Price Samba (Lens/Republic of the Congo)

Automatically imported

It is Messi’s 16th nomination for the Ballon d’Or
The Argentine star in the race forTo win the award for the eighth time in his career, which is absolutely insane. Had he succeeded, he would have won 50% of the times he was nominated. 38 goals, 25 assists and the World Cup is his endorsement

Names continue to appear on the men’s Ballon d’Or list –

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All awards that will be announced at today’s ceremony
Club of the Year

Yashin Cup (Best Goalkeeper)

Muller Cup (Best Striker)

Copa del Rey (Best U21)

Women’s Ballon d’Or

Men’s Ballon d’Or

Last Minute Hotels in Paris
Roger Torello, special correspondent for Mundo Deportivo, explains how the hours before the Ballon d’Or ceremony are lived, as Leo Messi and Aitana Bonmatti start as big candidates for the men’s and women’s awards.
Here’s the last hour video.

Good afternoon, friends of Mundo Deportivo!
afternoon, starting at 8:00 p.m.,
Paris Handover of the 67
Golden Ball Delivered by the magazine
Leo Messi, in the masculine form, and
Itana Bonmati, in the women’s category, she is the top candidate for the prestigious award from the French magazine.

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